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1:1 Coaching with Alin Dragu (1 Hour)

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I get on your agenda.

We can talk about anything and everything you want coaching on for an hour.

It can be:

  • Marketing
  • How to write a book
  • Marriage & parentings
  • Build daily discipline & habits
  • Simple systems to stay organized
  • Launching & scaling an online business

The floor is yours.

Notable Highlights from Alin Dragu

  • Married for 11 years, father of three children
  • Published Author (Wrote a book in 3 months)
  • Senior Director of Operations at a Digital Marketing Agency
  • 4 years at a Marketing Director at an 18,000+ person church
  • Daily habits of writing, reading, running and prayer.
  • Marketing consultant for 25+ six and seven figure organizations


When will my session be scheduled for?
After you make the purchase, I will directly email you within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends) to give you 3 potential options to meet.

Our sessions online or in-person?
All sessions are scheduled for online via Google Meet (You don't have to install anything, it's just a browser link)

Is there a discount for buying sessions in bulk?
No, but we can streamline the scheduling if you'd like to meet on a recurring basis.

Should I prepare anything for our session?
Yes, after you purchase the product, you will get a series of questions to download and send over to me before our session so I can prepare to help you the best I can.

What if I have to cancel my session?
You are welcome to reschedule instead of cancel, but if you try want to cancel - you can cancel 24 hours prior to our meeting. I can't refund any cancellations that aren't cancelled at least 24 hours out.

What if your refund policy?
I will send you a refund if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

There are no refunds for same-day cancels (or within 24 hours) and no refunds after our session.

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One Hour of Coaching


1:1 Coaching with Alin Dragu (1 Hour)

0 ratings
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